Bhutan Teer Result


The Bhutan government officially recognizes and approves of the archery game of Teer. Games of archery are played daily amongst a variety of players. The latest Bhutan Teer, standard and hit numbers, and archived Bhutan teer results may all be found on this website. According to historical data, the following numbers have the best chance of being drawn as the winning ones in the subsequent drawings of Bhutan Teer.

The daily Bhutan Teer Result will be released at 4:10 PM and 5:00 PM. Updates will be posted here, so keep checking back. This page will be updated with the latest information on the outcome of the Bhutan Teer, the list of winners, the list of Bhutan winners, and the list of the best lucky winning Bhutan Teer numbers.

Bhutan Teer Result Today

Bhutan Teer Result 31.12.2022 Bhutan Teer Result 31.12.2022
03 59


In this post, we’ll reveal the outcomes of Bhutan’s TEER exam. Remember to bookmark this page if you want to receive daily updates on the latest Bhutan Teer Results. Anyone who has ever played the Bhutan Teer lottery knows that the morning result is announced daily.


The Bhutan Teer, which involves archery and is a lottery, is extremely popular in Bhutan. Our staff regularly updates Bhutan TeerResult and familiar figures here, so check back often. The Bhutan game consists of two phases, each having a separate ending time.

The first and second-round results for Bhutan Teer are announced daily at 4:20 and 5 p.m. Only on Mondays and Saturdays can you see this game. In the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, a popular form of legalized gambling involves bows and arrows.


BHUTAN 2022-12-01 31 34
BHUTAN 2022-12-02 15 91
BHUTAN 2022-12-03 63 25
BHUTAN 2022-12-04 91 84
BHUTAN 2022-12-05 75 33
BHUTAN 2022-12-06 49 42
BHUTAN 2022-12-07 06 67
BHUTAN 2022-12-08 75 00
BHUTAN 2022-12-09 98 44
BHUTAN 2022-12-10 15 77
BHUTAN 2022-12-11 91 59
BHUTAN 2022-12-12 42 84
BHUTAN 2022-12-13 16 02
BHUTAN 2022-12-14 78 49
BHUTAN 2022-12-15 88 85
BHUTAN 2022-12-16 49 02
BHUTAN 2022-12-17 31 08
BHUTAN 2022-12-18 16 79
BHUTAN 2022-12-19 49 62
BHUTAN 2022-12-20 60 91
BHUTAN 2022-12-21 38 79
BHUTAN 2022-12-22 96 34
BHUTAN 2022-12-23 90 42
BHUTAN 2022-12-24 51 24
BHUTAN 2022-12-25 43 48
BHUTAN 2022-12-26 79 31
BHUTAN 2022-12-27 12 61
BHUTAN 2022-12-28 90 22
BHUTAN 2022-12-29 09 41
BHUTAN 2022-12-30 07 89
BHUTAN 2022-12-31 03 59


Bhutan Teer Result Live Overview

Bhutan Teer Lottery Result Today
Lottery Name Assam State Lottery
Draw Name Bhutan Teer
First Prize Up to 76 Lakh
Result Date 28.12.2022
Authorized by State Govt
Category Lottery Game
Result Time 4:15 PM & 5:00 PM
Result Status Publish

Bhutan Teer Common Numbers 2022

A Bhutan Teer standard number and a Bhutan Teer target number are the same. Since the Satta Matka game was outlawed, the Bhutan Teer game has gained even more tremendous popularity. A lot of individuals risk their money on this game. For those interested in trying the game, we’ve included both the “Bhutan common number” and the “Bhutan target number.”


Bhutan Teer Hit Number

First, know that Bhutan’s standard and target numbers are written in Tears. After the abolition of the Satta Matka game in Bhutan, the Bhutan Teer game gained even more tremendous popularity. There are a lot of folks who are willing to try their luck here. Those interested in playing Bhutan Teer may get the typical number, draw list, and winner list here.

When is Butan Teer’s Result Updated?

Here you may find the latest 4.10 PM and 5.00 PM updates on the live Bhutan Teer Result. People are asked to check back at 4:10 PM and 5 PM today for the Bhutan Teer Result. Find the latest Bhutan Teer Result, Winner List, Bhutan Winner List, and the Top Lucky Winning Bhutan Teer Numbers.

Bhutan Teer Counter Result

Looking for the 4.10 PM and 5.00 PM Bhutan Teer Counter Result? See below for today’s 4.10 PM and 5:00 PM Bhutan Teer Counter Results. Today, at 4.10 PM and 5:00 PM, the Teer Lottery Department will announce the results of the Dear Day 4:10 PM and 5:00 PM drawings. 3. Every day between 2:55 PM and 3:40 PM, you may see the latest Teer Lottery Counter Results from Bhutan in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1 –  What is the Bhutan Teer game?
The government of Bhutan officially recognizes and promotes the archery sport of teer.

2 – How much does one win for coming in first in the Bhutan Teer game?
The grand reward is merely 76/Rs lac for Bhutanese teens.

3 – Is this game legal to play?
Yes, this game is entirely legal to play.

4 – What is the timing for the Bhutan teer result?
On weekdays, the first and second rounds of the Bhutan Teer game are proclaimed at 4:20 and 5 p.m.

5 – How many days did the Bhutan teer game occur?
Except on Sundays, the lottery is held every day.

6 – What is the first prize winning amount of the Bhutan Teer game?
A first-place prize winner will get only up to Rs. 76 lahks (around $1 million).

7 – How can I check the Bhutan Teer result today?
Since also displays information on the Shillong Teer Result, the Bhutan Teer, the Khanapra Teer, and many other teer results, it is a breeze to look up the typical number for the teer and see whether you won.

8 – What is the timing of the Teer result in Bhutan?
Each weekday at 4:20 and 5 p.m., the first and second rounds of the Bhutanese Teer game are declared.


To calculate the winning number using previous Bhutan teer outcomes, an equation known as the Shillong teer recipe is used. The formula used by experts to determine the winning sum has been developed over time. All of the aforementioned totals are the work of a single long teer champ master. Several Teer betting establishments are now running within the borders of Meghalaya. Tickets are typically available for purchase between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

The toxophilite gathering will start promptly at 3:30. The betting system is simple. A component must calculate the last two digits of the daily bolt output. Whoever has the correct answers is the winner. There are two rounds. There will be two rounds today, with the first beginning at 3:45 and the second beginning at 4:45. Fifty toxophilite triggers thirty bolts in the main cycle. As a result, 20 bolts will be fired in the next one.

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