How Did Liver King Make His Money?

Liver King’s Early Years

Brian Johnson entered the world in 1977 in the state of Texas. His father’s death when he was still a small boy further exacerbated the already difficult circumstances of his childhood. After that, Johnson moved to San Antonio to be closer to his mom.

In high school, he was often pushed and picked on by bullies. At the sixth grade level, a fellow student hit him in the face with a loogie he had managed to catch. Middle school was a pivotal time for Johnson, as he began regularly attending the gym thanks to the encouragement of one of his mother’s boyfriends.

One of his students called him “Mark Wahlberg,” and suddenly, everyone was paying attention to him. Johnson’s trajectory altered when he was compared to Mark, a member of Funky and a Calvin Klein model at the time.

Following graduation from high school, he pursued a degree in medicine at Texas Tech University. He dropped out of college during orientation to join a pharmaceutical company. After that, Johnson resumed his education and ultimately earned a degree.

Career Of Liver King

Johnson’s first encounter with the Liver Queen was in 2004 when he could afford the expensive outdoor snowboarding activity thanks to his new job at a pharmaceutical business. He was living a different kind of life until he met Barbara, the woman who would forever alter the course of his existence.

When Brian and Barbara met, she was working as a dentist. The two of them went on to build a successful dental practice before transitioning into a new career selling nutritional supplements that matched Brian’s ancestral lifestyle.

Johnson and Barbara were married when their boys were young, and he was desperate to find a remedy for the disease and allergies that plagued his children.

Weston A. Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration changed his life, and he and his wife now credit their success to their decision to give their children only organic, pasture-raised beef. After reading just the back cover, Johnson was inspired to put some of the author’s suggestions into action.

The Liver Royal Family followed not one but eleven now-common food fads, all of which originated in antiquity. The dietary trends of the 1990s favored highly processed low-fat meals. Still, the 2010s saw a reversal, with individuals increasingly interested in eating the natural, whole foods they had eaten as children.

How Did Liver King Make His Money?

Liver King is a liver-eating, shirtless caveman, yet he understands how to invest his money. Public information can tell us the Liver King’s net worth if we presume Brain Johnson owns his real estate.


Liver King has four supplement products with yearly sales above $1 million. Liver Kings says he has 10 to 12 non-public initiatives. We value these initiatives by 2.5x his recognized startups.

Before investing in supplement businesses and influencing, Liver King and his wife operated Dentiq Dentistry. They divided $500,000 to start the business. “Liver Queen” Barbara studies dentistry, so she can run it. Liver King vertically integrated the boutique dentist’s company. In 2010, Liver King sold the business and began influencing full-time.

Ancestral Supplements

Johnson’s main company is the Ancestral lifestyle brand, which offers vitamins made from animal organs. It says the current diet prohibits us from living a healthy life. According to estimates, the company makes $1 million to $10 million.

With 175,000 unique monthly visits (from Liver King’s major supplement brand), an estimated average order of $80 (two supplements), and a 2% conversion rate (a conservative estimate), the website generates $3 million to $4 million a year. Amazon orders may generate $24 million annually.

Liver King appears to be the principal investor and founder. If supplements have a 38% profit margin, the company profits between $380,000 and $3 million. Johnson’sBased on conservative revenue and ownership estimates, company share, is worth $1 million.

Medicine Man plant company

This mushroom-based vitamin helps with gastrointestinal, blood pressure, and other disorders. Liver King and Mark (Merriwether) Vorderbruggen own this enterprise together.

Mark says first-year revenues were $1 million. The average supplement profit margin is 38%. Thus they make $300,000+. If Mark is the main stakeholder and the firm is valued like Ancestral, his stake is $250,000.

Liver king is involved in many supplement firms. Therefore he probably has a lower share than the creator. We value his brand stake at $50,000.


Heart and Soil make weight reduction, daily support, strength, and other fitness-related supplements. Liver King is a minority shareholder in Paul Saladino’s firm. The firm made $5 million in 2021.

The Fittest

A strength-building supplement firm. Liver and bone marrow are also used. Less than $5 million was made. The website incorporates Liver King’s nine ancestral tenants’ branding, indicating he is the owner. Since it’s his primary firm, he must have a similar investment. His business equity is worth $1 million.

Real Estate

Brian Johnson lives in an 8,300-square-foot Spanish-style home in Austin, Texas. Zillow estimates that similar properties cost $7 million. Unknown if he owns the home or how much he paid for it. Pool, sauna and steam shower are available.

His mansion appears less magnificent than the $7 million ones on Zillow and closer to the $4 million ones, so we’ll estimate $4 million. Each needs an acre. Liver King probably has 6-10 acres. These homes cost $500K to $1M. It’s worth $1 million since it has a sauna, steam room, and pool.

Net Worth Of Liver King

The Liver King is a fitness entrepreneur. He founded Ancestral Supplements, Heart & Soil, and The Fittest. 2022’s Liver King is worth $100 million. He made money from online fitness firms like Ancestral Supplements and Heart & Soil.

The Liver King claims to have eight secret companies. His claims of being worth $100 million are convincing because he possesses an 8,300-square-foot estate and five costly automobiles. “I own ancestral vitamins, heart & Soil, medicine man plant firm, and The Fittest, which produces whole beast protein drink.

So I generate money by owning downstream and upstream enterprises. Johnson’s net wealth has soared in recent years. His “Liver King” brand promotes his ancestral living firms, and they’re rising quickly. In November 2022, Brian Johnson was entangled in fitness controversies, and many thought his firms were done. These controversies have made him more popular online.


Because Liver King’s portfolio contains a significant amount of real estate, its historical performance has been superior both in the short and long run. Utilizing EquityMultiple makes the process of investing in real estate very simple. Through the ownership of commercial buildings, accredited investors can receive passive income through the use of EquityMultiple with as little as $5,000.

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