How to Enable Comments on YouTube Videos?

How to Turn On/off Comments for an Individual Video?

How to Enable Comments on YouTube Videos? Modify the settings for comments on the page containing your content if you do not want users to provide feedback underneath a specific video. The same process must be followed if you wish to enable comments for particular videos.

  • Log in to the YouTube Studio account.
  • Choose content from the list of options on the left.
  • To watch a video, click on its thumbnail.
  • Scroll down, then click the SHOW MORE button.
  • Choose how you want your comments to be shown under the heading “Comments and ratings.”
  • Select the Save option.

How to Turn YouTube Comments On or Off on Mobile?

Launch the YouTube Studio app on your mobile device, and then hit the menu button in the app’s upper-left corner.

  • Select Videos.
  • Tap the video for which you wish to choose whether comments are enabled or disabled.
  • To begin typing, select the pencil symbol at the screen’s very top.
  • Slide your finger to the right to access the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Swipe to the bottom until you find the comments option, which allows you to toggle the comments for the video on and off. Tap Save.

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Handling Comments on YouTube Via Your Mobile Phone

There aren’t many alternatives available when turning off comments on YouTube while using a mobile device. For example, desktop computers are required if you wish to block comments in bulk. You can’t do this on a mobile device. The same holds for automatically disabling comments on new uploads; this cannot be done from a mobile device.

However, the corresponding lesson is provided below if you would rather perform those actions on a desktop computer. Within the YouTube Studio app, you have a few restricted alternatives to choose from if you do not want to fully hide comments for a particular video. Simply navigate to the comments section of the app by tapping the menu button. Tap the three dots that are located next to each remark, which will bring up the following options:

  • Take out one of the comments.
  • Please let YouTube know about this remark.
  • Hide the person so you will never see any of their comments again.

However, to effectively regulate the comments, you must do so on a computer. You won’t have a say; if your YouTube channel is intended for younger audiences, comments will be turned off for all of your videos by default.

Chances are, your comments aren’t 100% bad. We are ready to wager that the majority of your material has encouraging and supportive words embedded within it. Because of this, you should make comments whenever you have the chance. Engage with viewers. You may find out who comments on your videos the most if you read this piece, which you should do when you are prepared to locate your most devoted admirers.

It is important to remember that turning off comments will not erase any comments that have already been added to your video. If you choose to enable comments in the future, you will be able to view them once more.

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1 – Why am I unable to turn on comments on YouTube videos?

The fact that the video’s author has disabled the comments option on some or all of their videos is the most prevalent explanation for why you cannot leave a comment on a YouTube video. If the video contains any content that may be considered controversial, the author of the video may choose to disable comments to avoid unwelcome messages or spam.

2 – What are the reasons that comments have been disabled on YouTube in 2022?

If the video contains any content that may be considered controversial, the author of the video may choose to disable comments to avoid unwelcome messages or spam. In addition, if the video is intended for children, the comments section will be disabled automatically.

3 – How can I leave a comment on a video on YouTube?

To post a comment

  • Locate the box for leaving comments beneath the video.
  • In the area labeled “Add a remark…” type your comment.
  • Enter your comment.
  • To comment, click here.

4 – Where can I find the comment section on YouTube?

To access the hamburger menu:

  1. Choose the symbol that looks like three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Select “Other Google activities” from the drop-down menu. You may find the “Comments on YouTube” section by scrolling down the page until you reach it.
  3. Click the “View Comments” button.

5 – Where can I locate a record of previous comments?

The History option may be accessed by selecting the hamburger menu (the three lines) located in the top left corner of the page. It will take you to the history page of your YouTube account. Click the Comments option located under the Manage All History section of the menu on the right. You will now be sent to your Comment History after this.


To access your profile, navigate to the homepage of YouTube and click the profile image in the upper right corner. To access the YouTube Creator Studio, use the following menu to find the option labeled “YouTube Studio,” and Then choose it. There is the potential for a lot of unkindness to be expressed in the comments area; however, the algorithm that YouTube uses may automatically filter out a lot of this content, particularly when underage users are participating. YouTube Kids does not enable children to view comments on videos. When a video is categorized as “designed for kids,” YouTube immediately disables the ability to leave comments on the video forever.

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