Pancat Coin

Pancat Coin is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency it was developed on the Polygon Blockchain. is its official website where you can join this community; the PANCAT token was first created for use in online memes.

What Is Pancat Coin?

The PANCAT token was first created for use in online memes. However, it has redefined its mission/vision by expanding well beyond the conventional boundaries of a meme coin. To create a new community-driven and value-generating meme coin, Pancat hopes to create a revolutionary, decentralized crypto community.

PANCAT’s goal is to become the market’s most widely used and respected cat meme currency, setting itself apart from the many frauds and rug pulls that now dominate the meme coin scene. Time will tell, of course, if Pancat is successful and ends up being something other than just another scam idea.

As a distinct meme coin, Pancat Coin is said to be developing various crypto projects that haven’t been seen before.


PANCAT Tokenomics & Stats

Token Symbol PANCAT
Token Supply 500 Quadrillion
Circulating Supply >250 Quadrillion
Block Time 2s
Coin Burnt >50%
Auto Storage Reward 4%
Current Price 1 PANCAT = < 0.0001 USDT (< $0.0001)

Polygon (ERC20) is the network upon which PANCAT currency is built; it is a multichain system that combines the advantages of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains. To put it simply, the Polygon network improves upon the critical drawbacks of blockchains, such as high gas prices and sluggish performance, while adding additional security. This one has three significant advantages compared to other multichain solutions like Cosmos, Polkadot, Avalanche, etc.

  • It’s safer than the alternatives out there.
  • Using both of these maximizes the efficacy of Ethereum’s network.
  • It’s bolder and more accessible in its expression.
  • It has a block time of 2s.
  • The transaction fees are nothing.


In addition, the PANCAT community is building a PANCAT NFT platform to ensure that everyone has a chance to be a public face of the initiative. You may trade and purchase rare cat-themed NFTs here.


PANCATSWAP, a community effort to make it possible for anybody to trade PANCAT coins in safety, is also under development. It will provide them with more independence and security. Tokens may be moved to other blockchains, such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.


The community is also working on a project called PANCATGAME because they believe they have lots of good ideas and that using PANCAT NFTs would help bring people together to socialize and have a good time.

Launching the PANCAT NFT Project

The Pancat community is building an NFT platform to mint a set of non-fungible token cats that may be used in any way their owner sees fit, such as a PFP avatar or in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Creating the Pancatswap Decentralized Exchange

The Pancat community is developing a decentralized exchange that will allow the Cat Army to more efficiently and cheaply trade and transfer tokens across other blockchain networks, such as Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.


As a nod to the fact that felines are notoriously playful, Pancat Coin is working on a blockchain-based gaming project fuelled by its Pancat NFTs.


PANCAT is a meme coin that delivers items guaranteed to fascinate not just it’s following but also investors eager to get into a meme coin project with substantial, proven long-term sustainability. However, the team’s ability to maintain Pancat’s rising popularity and whether or not this crypto project is worthwhile will determine its future ascendancy in the crypto market’s sharp ascent.

History of the Pancat Coin

The PANCAT ecosystem was developed on Polygon (ERC-20), providing future members of the cat army with the freedom and the environment to transact with their Pancat coins as they see fit, with transaction fees close to zero and robust block formation featuring a burning and hyper-deflationary algorithm that rewards every PANCAT holder.

Later in 2021, a group of seasoned blockchain investors collaborated with Polygon to bring their visionary cat meme coin, PANCAT, into the world. Over 5,000 PANCAT wallets have been created since then, demonstrating the project’s sustainability and the community’s commitment to realizing its objective.

What is PANCAT Used for?

PancatSwap, Pancat NFTs, and the platform’s blockchain gaming protocol are all components of the Pancat Coin ecosystem, supported by the native cryptocurrency token PANCAT. There are now 500 quadrillions of PANCAT tokens in circulation; however, more than half of the total supply was burnt to prevent market manipulation and increase administrative support through distributing PANCAT tokens to interested institutional partners.

The best part is that token holders will receive a 4% passive income stream from platform transaction fees simply by holding PANCAT tokens. This latter approach, together with the projects being developed on PANCAT, allows for continual token circulation and token burning across the ecosystem, increasing the token’s value. In addition, as part of the platform’s commitment to social responsibility, 1% of the supply will be allocated to animal charity funds.

Why Is Everybody Talking About Pancat?

Because of its goal to build an ecosystem that surpasses most crypto fans’ assumptions regarding meme currencies – specifically the excessive volatility, lack of utility, and lack of acceptance – PANCAT stands an excellent opportunity of winning over many crypto enthusiasts.


By building a massive blockchain ecosystem that incorporates Defi, NFT, and blockchain gaming support, PANCAT is attempting to solve the issues mentioned above-plaguing meme currencies. This groundbreaking change places control of the project squarely in the community’s hands, with an army of cats collaborating to create a protocol that is more than simply a meme coin.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1 – Is the PANCAT Coin Worth Buying?
Investing in Pancat cryptocurrencies and using them to launch new ventures is a wise use of one’s capital. But you need to know the potential downsides of crypto investments before you make any.

2 – What are the benefits of the Pancat coin?
The PANCAT community has been preparing for a decentralized environment, even though the PANCAT Coin still needs to be listed on major exchanges. They hope to build the community by launching many initiatives, such as an NFT exchange and games.

3 – Is It a Good Time to Buy PANCAT Coin?
The worldwide marketplace will be saturated with PANCAT. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a rising financial institution worldwide. The need for honest, safe, and affordable financial services is growing.

4 – What are the following goals of PANCAT?
By presenting novel ideas like PANCATGAME, PANCATSWAP, PANCAP NFT PROJECT, and PANCAT COIN MEGA ARMY OF CATS, PANCAT is a firm to provide more exceptional value to people.

5 – Why should one use PANCAT COIN?
Increased safety, openness, and sturdiness are all possible with PANCAT COIN. The minimum block time to acquire Pancat Token is just 2 seconds. There is no cost for making a transaction. Users can also get the benefits of Ethereum’s features. The blockchain of Ethereum.

6 – What balance of the total supply of tokens is secured for liquidity?
The official PANCAT whitepaper states that 38 percent of the supply is frozen to ensure liquidity.

7 – Where to Buy PANCAT Tokens?
No major cryptocurrency exchange has made PANCAT coins accessible for purchase. If you wish to buy this money, you may do so on QuickSwap.

8 – Would you call ApeCoin a cryptocurrency?
The ApeCoin cryptocurrency, associated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club and released in March 2022, is expected to become the dominant money in a new metaverse environment developed by Yuga Labs, the company responsible for BAYC.

9 – Is cryptocurrency worth investing in?
Summary. While cryptocurrency may seem a brilliant investment at first glance because of its potentially substantial overnight profits, it also comes with significant risks. Investors should consider if their investment horizon, risk tolerance, and need for liquidity align.

10 – What is a monero coin?
MXR (Monero) was released in 2014 and is an open-source cryptocurrency focused on anonymity. 1 The idea is the foundation on which it was constructed and functions. These blockchains constitute the core technology behind digital currencies and are public ledgers of members’ activity showing all the network transactions.


PANCAT is a well-conceptualized, well-structured, and well-run initiative that aims to be more than simply a meme coin. PANCAT is a meme coin that delivers items guaranteed to fascinate not just it’s following but also investors eager to get into a meme coin project with substantial, proven long-term sustainability. However, the team’s ability to maintain Pancat’s rising popularity and whether or not this crypto project is worthwhile will determine its future ascendancy in the crypto market’s sharp ascent. Despite lofty aims, the project still appears like a raw and hazardous investment, so let’s give it some time and watch it.

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