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Listed below are today’s Perdana Lottery 4D results. Winners of the first, second, and third prizes, as well as those of the particular draw and consolation draw, are displayed in real-time. Perdana lottery, established in Cambodia, is committed to providing secure gaming solutions and reinvesting profits into local communities.

1st Prize  0850
2nd Prize  4698
3rd Prize  3759
0124 5267 0922 5252 5219
6009 9011 8491 4473 9746
—- —- —-
9996 0466 9737 5526 0200
6370 6691 7928 9308 8931

It is the goal of the Perdana 4D or Perdana Lottery to provide Cambodians with a secure online environment to try their luck at lottery games while also contributing to the development of their country.

What It Is Perdana 4D ?

Only Perdana 4D is a popular 4-digit game (not available in physical stores). The lottery game originated in Cambodia but recently became popular in Malaysia. Players may win real money from Perdana 4D, but the company also gives back to local Cambodian communities. Because of its massive player base, Perdana can donate to over 3,000 worthy causes.

Ticket sales support various organizations in Cambodia, including the Cambodian Sports Federation, the Cambodia Film Commission, and Creative Cambodia. When you buy a ticket, you’re giving yourself a chance to win big money and support the local economy.

Players have more opportunities to win in Perdana 4D since draws occur daily. On our website, you may view the latest Perdana standings in real time. There are 23 prizes available, the same number as in most 4D drawings:

  • First, second, and third-place awards
  • Tip of a Special Nature
  • Awards for Those Who Lose

Like any other 4D game, players in Perdana 4D select four-digit numbers between 0000 and 9999, such as 2349.

A “big bet” and “little bet” option is available for your perusal. The SMALL bet option only includes the first three tiers of rewards, whereas the BIG bet option includes all 23 prizes. The bonus is lesser, but the odds of winning are higher if you go with BIG. While betting less money will decrease your chances of winning, the larger prize pool will compensate for it. Matching your 4D number to a reward is all it takes to win.

Why Is Perdana 4D So Popular?

Perdana 4D is a hugely popular lottery game in several Southeast Asian nations, including Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Millions of individuals have tried their luck at 4D Perdana, even though it can only be played online now. You may access it from any location with an active Internet connection and play it online whenever you choose.

It’s a lot of fun, and you can get started playing in just a few simple steps after signing up. The drawings for Perdana take place every day, but those for games like Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, and Sabah 88 only happen twice a week. It’s no surprise that Perdana 4D is worth more than $1 billion on the market.

How To Play 4D Perdana Online

Any legitimate adult resident or citizen of Malaysia can play 4D Perdana online. If you want to play 4D Perdana online, here are the steps to take:

  • Sign up for a brand new account on this service without spending any money. Any fields marked as “required” must be filled out before you can proceed. Sign up with your email or a social networking profile.
  • To add money, tap “Top Up Credit” and type in the amount. The funds will be put into the account of your choosing. If you want to be sure you completed it, check later by using the reference number.
  • Let’s pretend you made a donation using a CDM. Select “My Top-up,” then “I’ve paid,” and then upload the required bank notice or receipt to confirm the successful addition.
  • If you’ve read and understood these rules, you can start playing. The happy days and good fortune are about to begin!

Perks of Playing 4D Perdana

To access 4D Perdana online, go to We are the best place to get 4D Perdana games, and here are just a few of the numerous advantages we offer:

  • A quickly understood and implemented system. Everyone, from newcomers to seasoned veterans, can easily utilize our interface.
  • Funding your account or getting your money out takes little time. A few easy actions can get you the cash you need.
  • Secure online payment processing. Since we place a premium on data encryption, you can rest confident that your financial and personal details are safe with us.
  • Here you may find up-to-date details about the 4D Perdana lottery, including forthcoming draws, past draw results and dates, and a one-of-a-kind predictor for the 4D outcome.


Additionally, you can place a BIG wager or a SMALL stake. Whereas the SMALL bet only applies to the first three reward tiers, the BIG chance includes all twenty-three prizes. You’ll increase your odds of winning by picking BIG but receive a lower payout. However, the prize pool will be much greater if you opt for the smaller amount and have fewer possibilities of winning.

Prime 4D: Explained

Fortune Star, Magnum, Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto, Sandakan, Special CashSweep, Sabah 88, Singapore Pools, Grand Dragon, New Win, Lucky Hari Hari, and Perdana Lottery are just a few of the many lottery games available. The Cambodian lottery game Perdana D4 is a massive hit across the world. Cambodia isn’t the only country where this lottery game is hugely popular; Malaysia and Singapore do too.

This lottery game’s main selling point is that the governments of Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia have officially sanctioned it. You may legally play this Perdana 4D lottery game in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore. Playing this game does not put you in violation of any laws.

Also, like many other national lotteries, Perdana 4D contributes to humanitarian and charitable causes in Cambodia and Malaysia. The process is straightforward: a cut of ticket purchases goes toward supporting Cambodian sports programs, filmmaking, and charity.

Prime 4D Rewards and Payments

Perdana 4D does not provide the largest possible payouts compared to other major lottery vendors. However, your odds of winning the big prize are proportional to your investment amount.

In the Prime 4D Lottery, your primary wagering options are Big and Small. Even if the rewards are more significant in BIG, the prize and the actual probability of winning are lower. In the case of SMALL wagers, there are three different payouts: first, second, and third place. As a result, the odds of winning are higher than with BIG bets.

Check the most recent Perdana lottery results to discover if your selected number was among the winning 4d outcome. Your ticket number must match the one drawn to win a specific reward. The rules for claiming wins in the Perdana 4D lottery are similarly vague to those of other Cambodian lotteries.

Providers must also provide more information on how to claim awards clearly in the public domain. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with queries or issues. To start chatting with us on Telegram, all you have to do is register on this page.

4D Prime Prize Format in Malaysia

Package BIG

1st Price RM 2,875.00
2nd Price RM 1,150.00
3rd Price RM 575.00
Starter RM 230.00
Consolation RM 69.00

Package SMALL

1st Price RM 4,025.00
2nd Price RM 2,300.00
3rd Price RM 1,150.00

Package 4DA/4A

1st Price RM 7,000.00
2nd Price
3rd Price

Package 3D ABC

1st Price RM 250.00
2nd Price RM 250.00
3rd Price RM 250.00

Package 3D A

1st Price RM 750.00
2nd Price
3rd Price

Perdana 4D Prizes and Payout

Perdana’s top prize is small compared to other lottery systems. The amount of all bets, however, is what determines the payoff.  A player’s chances of winning greater rewards increase as they play more. In most cases, players can win a substantial sum of money based on luck.

There are more tiers of prizes available with the BIG bet type, but the money up for grabs is less. However, there are just first, second, and third-place awards for the smaller wagers. Even if the overall payout is less than with the BIG bet, the typical player still comes out ahead.

Check the results online to determine if you’re a winner in the most recent Perdana lotto draw. If the winning number you have chosen is drawn, you will be eligible to receive the prize connected with that number.


Many people in nearby countries like Malaysia and Singapore have been interested in this type of lottery because of its popularity in Cambodia. The governments of Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia have all approved this lottery, which is a significant plus. You may legally play this Perdana 4D lottery game in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When do the drawings for Perdana 4D happen?
Daily Perdana 4D drawings are held. The live announcement of the results of the 23 chosen numbers occurs sometime after 7 p.m.

Can I play Perdana 4D if I’m an American?
If you are 18 years old and a resident of Cambodia, Malaysia, or Singapore, you can play Perdana 4D, a lottery game.

Is There Anywhere in Malaysia to Buy Perdana 4D Online?

It is the goal of the Perdana 4D or Perdana Lottery to provide Cambodians with a secure online environment to try their luck at lottery games while also contributing to the development of their country.


The Perdana Lottery, for instance, is a national favorite and a leader in the Cambodian lottery scene. As its name suggests, Perdana 4D encompasses a popular type of local gaming. The number of stakes provided by each participant determines the number of chances and benefits granted to strike a prize in a 4-digit format. Several traditions surrounding the national lottery in Cambodia make it both distinctive to the country and very popular with its citizens.

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